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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Step inside my showroom...

As promised darlings, I can now reveal my newly re-styled showroom which excites me enormously! 

A few weeks ago, my chums at Proportion London and I got together and threw a fabulous breakfast soiree for the launch of MADEMOISELLE (Proportion's latest female mannequin range). Clients and friends came and admired the re-style and all of the product so perfectly presented in the art gallery like space. As we nibbled on French toast and drank champagne, it dawned on me that my stunning home should be shared with my friends across the world! So I hereby give you an exclusive tour (and also a cheeky selfie or two)!
Mademoiselle - the lady herself!

The MADEMOISELLE range exudes an incredible freshness with refined elegance. She embodies contemporary romance whilst hinting at a cool nonchalance - in short, she is my kinda gal! Adding to her prettiness, she is styled in crisp white with accents of luscious violets, cool blues and tranquil greens. The full range consists of ten dynamic figures, each position created with defined yet understated movement and delicately expressive hands, which capture eloquent mid gesture poses - enhancing her characteristics further. An abstract head with ghosted back features, plus a semi-realistic version are available on all figures, whilst sculpted hair pieces and a headless upholstered option complete the range.

headless mademoiselle in repeat

sculpt hair and realistic mademoiselle

a candid shot of me!

Mademoiselle's delicate and expressive hands   

Mademoiselle with wooden articulated arms - ideal for handbag presentation 

the Mademoiselle girls, en masse

another candid shot of moi

Mademoiselle, featuring sculpted hair and semi-realistic face
THEORY male and female mannequins stand tall on mirror boxed plinths - adding drama and contrast to the space. Finished in monochrome matt and gloss graphics, this range provides ultimate impact. The versatility of the collection can be mind blowing - for instance, by adding wig and makeup or having a headless version, the same range of figures can have endless looks. Genius! 

Theory male and female mannequins
Making a special appearance for a limited time only, is the thought provoking artwork and photography by Roger Miles and Fraser Carr Miles. Their work documents the decommissioning of my old factory home through a series of images and objects which capture the beauty and craft of mannequin production. The pieces are on sale, so if you have your eye on something make sure you enquire quickly!

Vintage style bustforms and harlequins showcased alongside Roger Miles artwork and photography

Roger Miles' cyanotype bust forms 

Capsule bust form range

Of course some of the all time favourite collections are on show, such as COMPONENTS, RAW, VINTAGE and BESPOKE, but what I would really like to show you is the revamped BOUDOIR range. This irresistible collection of bodies and accoutrements is designed specifically for the presentation of lingerie and hosiery type merchandise. And I think it looks especially stunning in its new sophisticated palette of rose gold, and muted berry colours. Simply divine!

Foot forms from the Boudoir range

upholstered bra forms with rose gold metalwork - from Boudoir

the loft has been transformed into a stunning boudoir space  - every girl's dream!   
Darlings, my door is always open, so do feel free to visit me and see the new showroom with your very own eyes. Just let me know when you plan to come over, so I can put the kettle on! 

Tel: 0207 749 1300

Showroom address:
65 Leonard Street,

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