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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The whims of fashion

Darlings – its been a busy couple of months I can tell you. New York, London, Milan, Paris – I’ve done the lot! Jetting around in Anna’s entourage, caught in her fragrant slipstream, attending show after show (front row of course), and posing for endless paps in the latest looks from the world’s premier designers. Exhausting!

But, oh my, did you see the looks coming through? The shows themselves were glorious: a sense of prettiness, a softening of silhouette, a profusion of frills, fur and frippery along with the return of accessories in general and most particularly, the 'IT bag'.

I’m coveting Gucci’s styling; extreme Royal Tenenbaum kookiness! Dreaming of Hedi’s take on 80s glamour at YSL, drooling over sweetheart necklines, velvet and fringing, an overdose of vibrant colour, endless patterns jarring under the jangling weight of jewellery – I can feel a new dawn breaking as fashions never ending cycle turns a ladylike corner.    

Consequently, i’m rethinking the mannequin I want to be. More elegant. With finesse, charm and grace. Coquettish and at the same time fragile! I want curves to wear the new feminine shapes but at the same time to be modern and ever youthful.
I hear on the grapevine Proportion London are thinking that way too. Rumour has it they’ve been in the sculpt studio with maestro Rob Patterson working on something beautiful. The only proof I have is this vague dreamy watercolour left in the design studio last week. What does it all mean? We shall surely find out as they launch their rethemed showroom next month.

Watch this space readers, all will be revealed .....


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