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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

artistic inspiration

Happy New Year dear readers - and to all of you Miss Mannequin wishes the highest order of creativity in 2012!
So lets kick off with some inspiration, re-invented innovation and a bit of old fashioned light entertainment .. with this year's oscar tipped film "The Artist".
Nothing could be more like visual confectionery (so needed in early January when the Xmas supply of chocs has all but run out)! than this beautifully executed French fim following the fortunes of a silent movie star as he struggles to come to terms with the change from silent screen to talkies.

Starring Jean Dujardin as screen idol George Valentin and Bérénice Bejo as aspiring starlet Peppy Miller, who could fail to be enchanted by this black and white extravaganza, which runs through every genre of film prevalent in the late Twenties, blending them seamlessly together yet serving them up to you as fresh as a daisy! If you know your classic movies you will sense elements of Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, Clara Bow, Sunset Boulevard, Fred and Ginger and Gene Kelly. If you don't...get researching! In Miss Mannequin's opinion, there's definately something worth knowing about silent movies and Hollywood dance showcases that could benefit visual in these dim times of economic gloom.

Best scene for Miss Mannequin - George's nightmare where everything begins to take on sound .. apart from him ... and of course the surprise line right at the end. Truly fabulous, retro, yet not antique! And for those who want a further peak ...

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