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Thursday, 22 December 2011

A little fairy told me!

Now you all know Miss Mannequin loves nothing more than a luxury shop at this time of year. Mincing (pardon the seasonal pie pun) around Mayfair after a particularly gruelling session yesterday, I popped into Claridges for a thimble of sherry.

Propping my base plate discreetly against the edge of my armchair and slipping off my Louboutins for a moment, I spied, to my great delight, the most glorious and glamorous tree in all fashiondom! Four metres in height and bedecked by more baubles and ribbons than a Tiffany photo-shoot, this magnificent specimen has been designed by Lanvin supremo Alber Elbaz.

Beautifully executed, Alber’s tree includes mannequins caricatured as hotel staff, (chambermaids and a concierge) nonchalantly socialising with the hotels guests amid the splendour of the hotel’s luxurious lobby

To top it all (and I do mean to top it all!)
with typical humour, the fairy perched
at the pinnacle of the tree
is none other than the fashion mogul himself. Well done Alber,
they don’t get much more haute couture than that I thought as I raised my glass.

......... and a toast to you my dear readers … it has been a positive pleasure to ramble on to such a discerning bunch of webettes!

If you are passing – I urge you to stop for a gawp at the Claridges tree, which will be on display until January 2nd

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