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Friday, 13 January 2012

It's all about Iris

Being a mannequin of meticulous standards and substantial means - I make it my aim (image-wise) to search for the new and adopt the unique. I am truly a magpie of maquillage, a beholder of beauty in all its fabulous variety and manifestations. Miss Mannequin is not completely loyal to any one brand either - a true tart of the beauty hall!

My roving eye was recently drawn to MAC - a queen amongst cosmetic princesses. Yes, yes, yes, I know all about The Daphne Guinness Collection (of course like Daphne I too have my own stylist, make up artist and troupe of dedicated hairdressers)! But what interests me more is their recent Iris Apfel Collection. Astonishingly captivating, this vibrant 90yr old shows that age is no barr to looking great, a little make up (but no surgery) are all in a days work. Amazing photographs and well done MAC for celebrating a more diverse beauty ethic.
As for me...when I want a more up to date look - I call in my friends at Bodyline. Versed in the ways of make-up and hair - they have indeed gilded my beauty over the seasons, renovating even the most tired of my fibre-glass chums and even repairing their little chips and cracks along the way.

Check out the new Bodyline website where a superb gallery of looks awaits. 

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