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Friday, 16 April 2010

Snake Charming!

I was up early this morning, vaguely flicking the duster around the showroom in a mock attempt to have a spring clean along our skirting, when my lovely chauffeur Mark popped in to catch up on news. "Fancy a trip into town Duchesse" he said "I'm not so busy this morning and the weather's beautiful" (it has been such glorious weather in London this past week). Such a nice man - where would i be without him? Now this was a timely suggestion, as I wanted to see the newly installed windows at Alexander McQueen, so I found a darling little lilac cardi in the sample cupboard to slip on under my boa and away we went.

Bond Street is a wonderful place early on a sunny morning, quiet and pristine before the masses arrive (and we were there almost before the streets had been aired)! A beautifully fitting tribute to Lee McQueen has been mounted in the window of the company's Bond St Boutique, which you really must get along and see. To showcase the Darwinesque SpringSummer10 collection, the visual team have installed a snake-fest of writhing elegance! Python skinned, snake-hipped mannequins (which were commissioned from those wonderful magicians over at BODYLINE) were dressed in the most shapely outfits featuring an eye-popping spectrum of colour and marvellously morphed snakeskin, butterfly wing and marbled prints. As if that were not enough, to my great delight, they have squeezed and shoehorned the figures into divine high shine metallic hooves, where they teetered and beguiled against a backgound of squirming snakes.

Now I shall tell you, Miss Mannequin is not partial to any form of serpent (and Mark was a bit non-plussed by the shoes), but these windows are really quite stunning to behold. Slip down there and catch them whilst you can......ooh, and how did they get those mannequins into the hoof shoes, you may wonder? I do know.....but lets just say.....its the McQueen team's little secret!

Exotic reptilian make-up underpins this display of vibrant colour and print at the McQueen Bond St store

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