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Friday, 2 April 2010

I'm ready for my close up now Mr DeMille!

To be honest ... it's all been a tiny bit boring at the showroom during the Easter holidays. No glamorous clients popping in to visit, so no industry gossip to listen into, not even the reassuring tip-tip-tapping of the computers as they notch up another order. I never thought i'd really miss them, but without the hurly burly of the sales team coming on like the stock exchange on steriods and the scatty om om chanting of the design team pondering on their next great development ... it's simply a little bit dull. I sauntered into the sales office to pass some time looking for a new outfit online and suddenly found myself going through some old photos. I found these in the image bank which i thought i'd share with you from a past photoshoot. Well it can't hurt can it - they'll never know.

Have you ever been to a mannequin shoot? We have them all the time at the showroom. What fun they are ... me and the gang striking a few poses for the next brochure etc. I quite like it ... it means we get a full make-over in the latest look. Those wig-making wonders, the D'Villes, send over some lovely new confections for us and the wonderful Georgie boy pops in to gloss me over with whatever the latest must have look in make-up is (he always has the best new lip colours and the juiciest gossip)! Lovely Mervin (my magic photographer) and that sweet kooky sidekick of his, Miss K, rock up equipped with camera, lights and umpteen bits of high-tech computer equipment to score a few shots of us in action.

Here's a shoot that we did a while back that was based on some Victorian body shapes. Very moody and retro, you can see the inspiration pics above (i think they'd been watching Tim Burton movies that week)!
Mervin brought a fabulous smoke machine and did some great pics of my pal Genevive posing in front of the smog. I love the moody shadows on the floor too. The smoke did get a bit overwhelming at one point - i think they must have forgotten that it was still belching out fog (you can just see me wheezing to the right of the set if you look hard - and to think i gave up smoking over a year ago).

Anyway, i don't think they did a bad job, it made a nice brochure cover and even stretched to a super Christmas card. I'm looking forward to the next shoot - i've got a few poses in mind!!
Well, until we meet again - toodle pip, and don't eat too many chocolate eggs or you'll never squeeze into that new spring outfit either!

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  1. Beautiful, really, really beautiful ! Looking forward to the Christmas Card with baited breath !