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Sunday, 28 March 2010

An enchanting afternoon

Thinking about the joys of spring yesterday and the sudden upturn in the weather, I tripped out with my good friend Mr B for a sojourn around Kensington Palace. Public transport aside! (sadly my jolly chauffeur Mark does not work on Saturdays), Mr B and I met at the gates of the Enchanted Palace exhibition and enchanted it certainly was. Fanciful goings on are definitely going on there, with an awe inspiring set of installations within the palace rooms set parallel with a clutter of builders paraphernalia (i guess they were getting on with things behind the plastic).

We were warned upon entry that no photography was allowed (otherwise burly security men would be dispatched to wrestle us to the ground! I lived in hope and opened my shutter wide)! That aside, we were beguiled by what we saw. Some of my old mates (I spied Violetta) appeared in the Boudicca room, twirling from the chandeliers, making beautifully choreographed shadows like a fantastic video projected on the madly patterned and gilded walls.

Dame Viv had run up a stunning frock for a rebel princess (that’s me!) back-dropped against a spooky staircase (I loved the black lace drapes over the lanterns – so Pearl Lowe). To be honest, I was a bit over the knitted throne, having only got to Holly Golightly level in knitting classes perhaps I was just not appreciating it properly. There was a fabulous dress on wheels by Echo Moran – the wheels could be a great asset for a girl! and a cabinet and a half of curiosities. Loved the tiny shoes presented in glass domes (yes I know glass domes are definitely having their moment aren’t they) and the story about the feral boy kept in the palace as a pet! Imagine!!.

The Gallery of Shadows was beyond gorgeous; I danced along its entire length with the attending actors as we watched our shadows prancing across the ceiling … I loved every minute of it. You simply must go and see this exhibition soon, why not take Mr B along with you .. he’s dying to get back there to try and find those burly security men … I wonder what happened to them?

Anyway, I’m off for a well-earned rest back at the showroom, before the customers start flooding in again tomorrow, looking me over and tweaking my hem!!!

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