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Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Hello Darling readers, I must tell you I am barely able to control my excitement for a fabulous exhibition my dear chums – proportion london are involved in; ‘HELLO MY NAME IS PAUL SMITH’ is being held at the Design Museum on November 15th (only two more days left, eeek!)
I for one cannot wait to step inside the world of the legendary fashion designer and stand in awe of such fine suits and clothing, of course i will  do a follow up post but in the mean time I shall leave with you a little light reading from proportion london...

Adding to the celebration of the work by seminal British fashion designer Paul Smith, proportion>london are thrilled to have been invited to collaborate with the Design Museum in the making of the exhibition ‘HELLO MY NAME IS PAUL SMITH’ through sponsorship of a range of bespoke tailor’s forms and mannequins.

Showcasing the work of this legendary designer and celebrating the excellence of a quintessentially   British brand; this exhibition has been many months in the making and as lovingly crafted as one of Sir Pauls own celebrated suits.

As a company, proportion>london have been honoured to have been associated with Paul Smith for over 15 years; proudly supplying this respected client with bust forms, mannequins and display equipment which embodies his witty take on retail clothing presentation. Like the brand, we pride ourselves in innovative ideas; well executed, using quality materials and manufactured to the highest standards. We also share our client’s belief in UK production and local artisan skills, still choosing to manufacture the vast majority of our product in Walthamstow, North London, using traditional techniques, with talented craftspeople of exceptional skill and dedication.

Over the years we have grown to know the Paul Smith team well, rising to the challenge of furnishing them with traditional yet contemporary bespoke display figures and visual merchandising equipment which we believe characterises their product and adds to the wit and ingenuity of the brand presentation. Our shared backgrounds and principles make the relationship that little bit more special!

The unique DNA of the Paul Smith world is captured perfectly in this exhibition; which will later travel world-wide as proud ambassador not only of the brands originality and style, but also of British design, skill and workmanship.

Image courtesy and copy right of Paul Smith

For tickets and further information on the exhibtion please visit the Design Museum website 
For bespoke tailor forms please visit the proportion london website

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