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Friday, 20 July 2012

The curious case of the missing artwork

I am aware dear reader, that you are aware that I am a women in the know. Further to this I have many amusing stories and anecdotes that delight my circle of mannequin chums. Here's one that we were chuckling at the other evening.

My showroom is an immaculate space, cleaned for me by the delightful Emmanuel. He pops in regularly to polish, dust and sweep....he is a man who loves his work; meticulous and industrious by nature. He also cleans for other companies, appearing to have an artistic lean. One of these companies is an art gallery who at the time of this tale were showing an exhibition by Brit Art talent Damien Hirst.

Now we all know that Damien's artwork can be misinterpreted. An artist of controversial whims, many people adore his art and others think it is complete rubbish! Emmanuel makes no such assumptions...he simply gets on with the job at hand. Hence when he came across the below, he sighed benignly and set about clearing up the mess, assuming that the gallery had been having a bit of a late night session!
Imagine the gallery managers surprise the next morning when one of his exhibits appeared to have been spirited away! Needless to say, staff dug the "rubbish" out of the bin and reassembled the organised chaos; none of the visitors appeared to notice the difference! This rather proves the old adage that - One mans art is another mans rubbish!

My friends chortled with delight at this amusing anecdote: I did too, until I went into the design team's studio yesterday and realised nervously that Emmanuel could have a field day in there, they could lose a new collection in the blink of a lash. That reminds me - i must tell them to tidy up!

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