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Monday, 30 July 2012

Meet the team - a mannequins make up

Like the true celebrity of the mannequin world that I have become Dear Reader, I am thrilled to be surrounded by the industry's finest technicians who truly keep my fibre glass in tip-top condition. Possibly only Victoria Beckham can command a beauty team as skilled and determined as mine -hence I am forced to be somewhat clandestine about their identity - for fear of poaching!

I have the most fabulous body man - a discreet Italian who is the best in the industry when it comes to my seasonal rub down and spray job. Using only the finest ingredients and never too rough with the sandpaper! My wigmakers are a joy; the D'Villes know a thing or two about fringes, weaves and extensions. But possibly the most prized of my team is my marvellous make up man, Georgie Boy. As all great creative artists, he is a dab hand with a paintbrush and the latest line in industry news. Working only at night and the weekend (well all real artists are eccentric aren't they)? we spend many an hour over tea and biscuits at Mannequin Towers discussing which mannequins have had work done and what will be the look for coming season.

To pay homage to him I wanted to show you one of his palettes, artfully mixed as he started on yet another recent performance. Using a pencil, he first sketches in the features, then finely and delicately loads on the oils, smudging and blending, diluting and highlighting until the final look is complete. 

below is the finished article: a mannequin make up sample he created for Prada. Georgie Boy certainly does justice to the original look Pat McGrath created for the collection, the mannequin looks as if she could step up onto the catwalk ... if she only had a body!
Although super talented, Georgie is shy by nature - he doesn't like publicity - but chose instead to offer the thumbs up to you all dear readers as he went back to the make up table to complete more fashion fabulous samples.

And as for Victoria, she may have a team to rival mine - but do they know how to keep a good make up in place for an entire season? Now there's a skill!

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  1. I've had the honour of Georgy Boy doing my make up (my 'Pretend Friends' and the 'Plastic Populations' not my own of course!) on several occasions and have to say he's a master craftsman ! Quite simply the best !!!

  2. Oh, Big D - it is a small but honoured clique who are lucky enough to have such a skilled artisan to apply their maquillage.

  3. Indeed Miss Mannequin. I'm one of the honoured few. :)