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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A lesson in Napoleonic make-up

This watery summer is whizzing past at such a speed and as i a peer out of the mannequin showroom windows my dismal conclusion is that my bookings for swimwear window display promotions have been far too few of late!

Turning my thoughts to more interesting matters - the longer spells in the showroom have allowed me an insight into some interesting mannequin projects proportion>london and gems studio are currently working on. You will all know my love for Georgie Boy - my marvellously talented make-up artist who is not only skilled at fashion display maquillage, but also work of a more historic nature.

A recent meeting with Napoleonic costume collector, Christina Barretto afforded him the opportunity to show off his artistic skills first hand making up two female heads for an exhibition of period costume at the Hillwood Museum in Washington, USA. The exquisitely sculpted faces created for the project by renowned UK mannequin sculptor Rob Patterson were the perfect palette to carry the delicate make ups George painted in oils.

Working alongside one of the proposed costumes; a courtiers ivory silk dress laden with five kilos of gold embroidery and hand cut sequins, the room was infused with a warm light as the spotlights caught the sparkling metal. Iridescant powders echoed the warm glow as softly diluted oils were swiftly assembled on a palette before the maestro started his performance.

After an hour or so of painting and conferring he produced the end result, a beautiful product, which delighted the client and made in prospect for an exciting exhibit.
Judge for yourself.....Miss Mannequin was once again in awe of Georgie Boy and his brushes and set off wondering how to get a display gig in Washington in order to go see the exhibition?

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