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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Royal wedding fever

Hello my dear readers!

Since the Palace have now issued the official seating plan, there is something I feel I simply must share with you …. As I am sure you’re aware, my fabulous friend William is getting married on Friday. The wedding is THE event of the decade (to which of course I am invited, I mean I haven’t actually received my invitation yet… one can only assume that there’s a delay in the post)?!

William and I go way back, having first met through proportion>london’s sister company GEMS STUDIO in 2008. The Gems team created a marvellous bespoke sculpt of the prince for Canada’s premier wax museum: The Royal London Wax Museum, for show alongside a sculpt of his mother princess Diana. We struck up a huge friendship whilst working on this project, the story of which is on the Gems Studio website: Prince William sculpt story and it surely can’t be long before Kate and I are also good buddies!

The anticipation of scouring the seating plan to find out who I shall be seated beside is just too exciting. Elton John, Guy Ritchie (if only you’d hung in there longer Madge!) Mario Testino, Rowan Atkinson or maybe even the Beckham’s; the possibilities are endless and oh so tantalising! Guess I’ll just have to wait and see… the official guest list 
Anyway more to the point… what should one wear to such a distinguished affair?? With this dilemma firmly on my mind, I popped off on a whirlwind spree to Regent St yesterday with my Mark, my darling driver. Regent St really does set a regal scene lined with union flags and there is a distinct feeling of romance in the air. Like a moth drawn to a flame Miss Mannequin was pulled towards all things shiny in my search for the perfect diamond accessories (after all it is a Royal wedding so I simply must wear diamonds). In the final mix, I will be wearing … Tiara (check); long gloves (check); slinky dress (check); vintage fur stole (check). Which leads me to the other great debate of the day … who shall I take as my guest? My new man METROpolitan is my dreamy choice to accompany me to the Abbey. Perhaps he will turn out to be my very own Prince Charming …..

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