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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Baked to a colour of your choice!

Bored with my quest for true love - I have decided that a holiday is a much better pursuit to passing the tropical summer months whilst the whole of retail is engulfed in sale mode. Miss Mannequin is welcome at the world's top resorts (most especially those with upmarket boutiques!) and I feel a roam round the med would not be unpleasant. Clothes to pack for the trip is no problem for me - as the windows I appear in are invariably linked to stores with the finest apparel. Shoes and accessories...ditto.
Likewise travel arrangements are both swift and discreet (Miss Mannequin could never be seen loitering in a departure lounge, cappuccino in hand). My driver Mark instead drops me directly at the terminal, encased in a softly bubble lined casket designed to keep me warm and snug throughout my journey. I even wear a spongey mask to ensure my make up is journey fresh upon arrival. This way i can slip discreetly from country to country without hassle or damage to my delicate image!                                                                                    No dear reader...the conundrum for Miss Mannequin is really the colour of suntan i should return to. Never one to be ostentatious or out of step with current trends - far from it, Miss Mannequin is expected to set the tones for fashion conscious window models across the globe. In my pursuit of the perfect sultry tone i am perusing the latest colour charts from Dulux. Once chosen, these will be forwarded to my fantastic body-work expert in anticipation of a quick sand down and full body respray upon my return and ready for the new season. My body man is Italian and very stylish, he knows a good body colour when he sees one! See left my shortlist - I'll take the full Dulux swatch book of course, to pass the time on the journey, it might be a long one.
Adieu for now and I'll catch up with you upon my return later in the month.
Miss Mannequin

ps - by the way, just a little thought - if like me you want an all over summer glow for your next window debut - contact my lovely people at the bodyspray shop. They'll be glad to help! http://www.proportionlondon.com/bg6-12-27-Renovations

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