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Monday, 12 July 2010

Miss Mannequin's quest for the perfect man

Miss Mannequin is love weary this week and on a quest for true love.

Living as I do at my fabulous bachelorette showroom space in London's Clerkenwell area, I can't help but feeling that life is almost idyllic, but for the addition of a Mister Mannequin, a fabulous fibreglass Adonis of flawless nature to share all the glamour with. In my quest for this perfection I have engaged the services of a matching service .... Mannequin Mates! They have promised me bodies of beauty and intellect: ideally suited to my sparkling shopfront lifestyle.

A small packaged arrived early this morning with details of the first set of the dates. I tell you all this in strictest confidence of course, but feel oh privileged reader that help is needed to pin down the consummate candidate. Of course Miss Mannequin is looking for good looks, coupled with a sharp intellect and wit (well who wouldn't. All those endless hours gazing out of Selfridges windows. I can't end up with a dummy as company can I)?

Anyway, take a look at the first bunch and let me know what you think? The middle one looks cute!  

Footnote - I've not completely made up my mind about this agency .... not that i'm judging .... Just hoping the next package is arriving soon!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE these men ! What a refreshing change to see a mannequin mirroring my own physical attributes !! Bravo !! (More to be added to the collection ? )
    D. x