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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

louis vuitton - series 3

My oh my something fabulous has arrived… a stones throw away from London Fashion Weeks hub, Somerset House, lies a brand new immersive display by the french luxury brand, Louis Vuitton. 'LOUIS VUITTON SERIES 3' demonstrates and exposes the creative process behind the Autumn/ Winter 2015 collection, through intimate installations and modern graphics. This 3 part sequel exhibition takes visitors on an ambient journey, where senses are heightened.

Entering a room pumped with cold air (but no shivers were sent down my spine, i'm made from fibreglass, remember) a dramatic geodesic dome, lit by free standing tripod lights, fills the space. The dome is reference to the sculpture built for the fashion show at the Frank Gehry designed Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris. 

Descending into a circular space age room, centred around one of the brands signature trunks, video footage is played 360 around you. Stand still, and you'll experience a feeling of psychedelic movement. 

'A tale of craftsmanship' is the next area which provides yet another glimpse into the Louis Vuitton world, watch the hands of artisans create bags in front of your very own eyes! 

Although its not quite the same as sitting next to Anna Wintour and the rest of the fashion elite, you can experience 'hashtag FROW' somewhat, in the 'infinite show' room, where the excitement of the A/W 15 catwalk is revealed on several large screens set in a staggered triangular space. 

Another spectacular installation is created in a brighter than white room, where segmented mannequins are displayed featuring LV's wonderful bags, shoes and accessories. 

Coming to a close, and by far my most favourite part - the walk in wardrobe! In fact i may just ask my interior designer for one just like it. Oh a girl can dream….. 

This modern reinterpretation of a fashion show is staged across 13 rooms at Bruitalist concrete space, 180 Strand, and is simply a must see! To book your free tickets click here 

Do let me know what you think of the exhibition. Ta-Ta for now darlings x