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Friday, 9 January 2015

Bright Old Things

‘Bright Old Things’, no darlings, it is not the title of my autobiography, but it is something equally fabulous!
Proving that age is nothing but a number, Selfridges latest promotion ‘Bright Old Things’ celebrates the older creatives, who have taken a step into the unknown with a complete career change or ‘retirement renaissance’. Communicating through thought provoking displays that ‘it’s never too late to try something new’, 14 chosen individuals (ranging from late 40’s to mid 80’s) including artists, designers, musicians, and entrepreneurs, have each been given a window on London’s Oxford Street, where their creative vision is showcased.  
Being a Selfridges girl myself (once upon a time) and of a certain age where one is no longer required to pay for the bus, the ‘Bright Old Things’ concept sits close to my heart, I firmly believe that regardless of age, one can channel their passion through creative avenues.
Catching up with my chum, an accountant – turned – artist; Roger Miles, who stopped counting beans and started creating in 2009, and was later awarded a BA in Fine Art with 1st class honours (they don’t call him a bright old thing for nothing!). Two months in the making, Rogers concept is a blast from the past of a 70’s record store, selling his ideal playlist consisting of The Clash, Bowie, Blondie, B52 and Frank Zappa.
While window display is a first for Roger, it is not his first time working for Selfridges. In 1975 he worked in the bedspread department for 4 weeks, before moving on to accountancy, but it was Neil Young's lyrics that remained firmly in his mind ‘I won't retire but I might retread’!
Bright Old Things will be running instore and online until the end of Feburary. Make sure you check it out,  you never know, you might learn something new!
Exciting news going forward - Roger will shortly become artist in residence for a forthcoming Proportion London project - watch this space for details......

Roger Miles standing in front of his very own window display at Selfridges
Rogers retro record shop

Tony Gibson; product designer - turned - lecturer - turned earth news vlogger.

Artist; Sand Laurenson is the oldest student to ever earn a place on the Post Grad course at the Royal Academy.

Bruno Wizard; punk musician/ 70's underground legend/ documentary star.

Sue Kreitzman; once a food writer and broadcaster, now an artist and curator.

Michael Lisle-Taylor; Royal Navy aircraft engineer - turned - sculptor.

Nick Wooster; former menswear retailer and buyer, now a designer - his collection is available at Selfridges.

Andrew Ekins; decorator turned artist.


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