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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

VM and Display Show 2014

As I am sure all you VM bunnies are aware, it was the VM and Display Show last week. Now in its 24th year, it is the longest running exhibition, dedicated solely to the visual merchandising industry. Dispite the fact that i exceed said show in VM experience by some years, i do like to make sure that i keep up to date with the progressive nature of vm trends, technologies and movements. I may be a store dummy, but I simply will NOT be left on the shelf!  

My own reflection greeted me upon arrival at the Business Design Centre in North London's Islington, along with a question which provided food for thought... ‘are you creating the right image?’ As I stood pondering looking in the circus like mirrors, I took a closer look at my unchipped petal-pink paint finish, perfectly styled wig, and flawless makeup and came to the conclusion that the artistic team behind my image, do in fact succeed in a rather fabulous job!
Moving on, and entering the exhibition I caught up with some industry chums, met some new  kids on the block, chin-wagged with industry publications and browsed the isles bursting with creativity. Here are some of the show highlights... 

100% recycled acrylic from Pennant
Mouth watering props from replica 
Vibrant vinyls from VGL

'Booming' marvellous installation from Matt Wingfield studio
Gradute student concepts for Diesel
Setting a picturesque scene at colourlink
All aboard the STYLO train 
And last but not least DZD were delightfully decorated