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Friday, 12 July 2013

Best Of British

Devoted town bouncer that I am, yesterday led me down the cobbled streets of Covent Garden’s Seven Dials where I discovered the latest happenings in Britain’s upcoming menswear brands. Earlham Streets newest arrival ‘Best of British’ pop up shop, stocks talented home grown designer accessories and clothing, all of which have been carefully considered by Daniel Peters (the man behind the "Best of British" fashion concept), as affordable yet beautifully stylish pieces.  This notion instantly excited me and sparked a thought that I must tell you all Dear Readers, about the fabulous collection my good chums at proportion london have recently produced called BESPOKE.

Daniel Peters outside his Best Of British pop up shop. Image courtesy of Jonathan Daniel Pryce  GarconJon.com

Like Daniel, proportion london are passionate about their British heritage and designer menswear brands and feel that the luxurious element should continue from product, right through to the  presentation. With this in mind they have developed a full range of impeccably groomed bust forms, bodies and accoutrements for men’s tailoring, forming a basis for their manifesto for stylish display!

Raw papier mache bust form featured in Best Of British shop - supplied by proportion london. Image courtesy of Jonathan Daniel Pryce GarconJon.com

Raw papier mache hat stand supplied by proportion london. Image courtesy of Jonathan Daniel Pryce GarconJon.com

Bespoke offers the opportunity for clients to blend, shape, cut and adorn their product to create a truly individual set of VM presenters including contemporary slim merchandising torsos, valet stands, garment rails, shirts, ties, shoes, hats and all the usual male paraphernalia. Accessories have not been overlooked either, with an array of product presenters that allow for single iconic display or multiple merchandising opportunities.

Mindful of how this collection harmonises with the surrounding retail environment, proportion have employed a sophisticated palette of classic muted shades and distinctive fabrics offset with on-trend metals such as brushed nickel and blonde brass. Smoked and limed effect woods, turned in considered shapes add to the masculine appeal of this collection. 
proportion london's Bespoke range consists of bustforms and accessory presenters to view the full range click on the link below

To view proportion londons BESPOKE range please visit their website http://proportionlondon.com/bg2-14-154-Bespoke-tailoring  

The Best of British pop up shop is located at 18 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9LG and is open until Tuesday the 16th of July so do hurry! For more information visit the Best of British facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/BOB-Shop/154658578053039  

...and that's it for now Darling Readers. I need to venture out from Mannequin Towers and into the glorious sunshine - in aid of my next post … so stay tuned! x

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