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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A little something to be going on with!

I've been away for a little time Dear Readers, but now i'm back and have much to catch up on.
Whilst I am preparing my reports for you .. a little light entertainment in the form of Sir Norman Wisdom in one of my favorite all time comedy clips from the 1953 classic British comedy - Trouble in Store.

Norman, a lowly stock clerk at the thinly disguised Burridge's department store, is constantly in trouble with head of the store, Mr. Freeman. He overhears a conversation and misinterprets it as promotion to store windowdresser.

Eager to show off his talents - he soon realises that windowdressing can be a great deal of fun (something we have all known for many years) and of great entertainment to the general public.

Entering into a visual joust with the current upputy Head of Windows (do we see anybody we know here?), the hilarious Wimbledon type tournament ends in a plate smashing riot.

Norman as the maverick windowdresser that we wish we could all be just for one day!

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