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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Royal Wedding - a last wistful look....

Now that the long, hot summer is finally drawing to an end, Miss Mannequin has had the time to wistfully reflect on the fabulous wedding of her great chums, Will and Kate. I love a good wedding......so in order to extend the occasion just a little further I took the recent opportunity to pop over to the palace for another prolonged gaze at that dress! Whilst not exactly having access inside the royal wardrobe, my destination was in fact this year's Summer Exhibition; featuring many of the accoutrements of the regal event.

The exhibition has been a smash hit with residents and tourists alike, giving opportunity to ponder the props of the wedding close up. Cake, dress, shoes, earrings, flowers...Miss Mannequin could hardly contain herself as she skirted swiftly past the Faberge Egg displays and headed for the main exhibit itself. As beautiful and intricate as I remembered it on the day; the closer you look at this divine Alexander McQueen dress the more detail reveals itself in the sumptuous bespoke lace design that took so long to make. Of course (being a mannequin) I also appreciated the bespoke bust form it was mounted on, it presented the dress perfectly. Being an insider, I know it took many hours of fitting and adjusting to get just right. The exhibition broadcasts an interview with designer Sarah Burton, explaining how the design was conceived and bringing completion to the whole show.

Talking of completion, I don't believe I told you about the bouquet? Miss Mannequin was involved in that most quaint of all wedding day traditions; the catching of the bouquet. Stemming back to Olde England (where guests wanted a share of the brides good fortune), Miss Mannequin found herself in the middle of a near rugby scrum of young aristocrats, where sharp elbows and hockey field tactics came into play in order to get their hands on those flowers. Although I didn't exactly catch the posy, a swift sidestep out of the tussle was well timed, since a slightly bruised lily from the Duchess of Cambridge’s bouquet landed at my feet. I shall take this, Dear Reader, as an omen of good things to come in my quest for true love in a world full of dummies!

For more details on the Royal Wedding Exhibition please visit http://www.royalcollection.org.uk/

Images courtesy of Royal collection © 2011, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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